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Health, Hope & Inspiration for People of Faith Living with Cancer

Dec 27, 2017

New Year – New Life

Featuring: Rev. Percy McCray & Wayne Shepherd

The hosts of Health, Hope & Inspiration share their favorite faith-filled scriptures emphasizing “leaving behind the old to welcome in the new!” Hear proclamations of anticipation on how God wants to work in and through your life for...

Dec 21, 2017

His Name Shall Be Called Wonderful

Featuring: Rev. Percy McCray & Wayne Shepherd

The hosts of Health, Hope & Inspiration reflect on the wonder and victory of the Christmas story and share insights about the role of faith, hope and perseverance in the face...

Dec 14, 2017

Let’s Talk About Cancer

Featuring: Samantha Stephenson

The last thing Samantha Stephenson expected to hear at age 28 was that she had breast cancer, but her journey didn’t stop there. Listen in as Samantha shares her story about how her diagnosis and recovery changed her perspective about the importance of life and how it led her to become...

Nov 30, 2017

Learning to Receive

Featuring: Theresa Michaelis

When Theresa Michaelis was diagnosed with advanced leukemia, she was uniquely prepared to minister to others during her treatment, but when she was faced with the idea of being a recipient for care and support, she found herself grappling with the thought of slowing down, and discovered...

Nov 22, 2017

What to Expect When Diagnosed with Cancer

Featuring: Rev. Percy McCray and Wayne Shepherd

When a person finds out they have cancer, it can present many challenges for them and their loved ones. The hosts of Health, Hope & Inspiration discuss common questions and emotions that can accompany a cancer diagnosis, and how to work through fears and concerns in a...