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Health, Hope & Inspiration for People of Faith Living with Cancer

Jun 27, 2020

The Power of Partnership—Fighting Cancer Together

Featuring: Faye Rouhlac & JoAnn Hudson

When Faye Rouhlac’s breast cancer returned, her faith in God plummeted. She thought she must have done something wrong and she felt alone. But then a CTCA volunteer became Faye’s closest friend and directed her back toward God’s...

Jun 20, 2020

Knowledge About Cancer Is Power

Featuring: Aileen Stansel

Fear of the unknown can multiply anxiety, especially when it comes to cancer. Rev. Percy McCray talks with Aileen Stansel, a breast cancer survivor and nurse, about how faith and basic cancer knowledge can help dispel...

Jun 13, 2020

When It Seems Like Faith Isn’t Working

Featuring: Wayne Shepherd & Rev. Percy McCray

Sometimes we pray for a certain outcome, but it seems like God does not hear. Rev. Percy McCray helps us clarify what faith is and how it works, even when we feel like God is not listening. Because feelings cannot measure...

Jun 6, 2020

Never Would Have Made It Without YOU

Featuring: Paul & Beverly Watkins

Paul Watkins hung onto life when his body went into sepsis after surgery. His kidneys failed, he lost 37 pounds, and spent 12 days in the ICU. He shares his powerful story with Rev. McCray and what helped him find victory. In Paul’s own words, “Prayer saved my...