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Health, Hope & Inspiration for People of Faith Living with Cancer

Oct 31, 2020

Battling Cancer with the Word of God

Featuring: Pastor Lloyd Wright

Pastor Lloyd Wright, who was leading his local congregation as well as serving as a hospital chaplain, shares with Rev. Percy McCray his battle with three separate bouts of colon cancer, a stroke and temporary amnesia, which he chronicled in his book Fighting for My Life, explaining how...

Oct 24, 2020

God Carried Me Through Cancer

Featuring: Choona Boiano

Choona Boiano, former breast cancer patient who had a family history of cancer and survived, shares with Rev. Percy McCray that she was not really surprised when told of her diagnosis. She “knows that tomorrow is promised to nobody,” but yet declares that she is here and acknowledges,...

Oct 17, 2020

Is Stress Killing Me?

Featuring: Rev. Percy McCray

The hosts of Health, Hope and Inspiration engage around the subject of stress and its potential impact upon one’s mental, emotional, and physical health. Is stress causing harm to our health, and what can we do to possibly offset its impact from a spiritual...

Oct 10, 2020

The Lord Takes Care of Me

Featuring: Coramae Blanck

Coramae Blanck, a uterine cancer patient diagnosed in 2015, shares with Rev. Percy McCray how God assisted her through her medical care, and who, with a family history of cancer, was not initially shocked when told of her diagnosis. With strong family and community support,...

Oct 3, 2020

Faith in Medical Science During Cancer Care

Featuring: Imogene Cross-Best

Imogene Cross-Best, a breast cancer patient, shares with Rev. Percy McCray the conundrum she faced of choosing conventional treatment vs. only utilizing holistic care. Imogene eventually concluded, “we need to trust God through everything, including our medical...